Compiled by Eddie Hill
Remastering by Marco Zanzi
Art by Bridget Samuels

  1. How Have You Been - Winterland - 1969 November 13, 1969
    This is the only known performance of one of the rarest released CSN songs.
    It's a solo performance by Stills. According to the Euro authors book,
    Crosby strained his voice at a rally that day and they had to make some
    quick setlist changes.

  2. Bluebird - Fillmore East - 1970 June 3, 1970
    Dylan was in the audience and Stills had been drinking and was showing off for
    Bob. According to Zimmer's CSN biography, Stills went out to do one acoustic
    song and he did four. It pissed off a certain Englishman. As the applause dies
    on Bluebird, Stills says, "I haven't done that ever that way in front
    of people". These words were for the benefit of Dylan.

  3. As I Come Of Age - CSN - Fillmore East - 1970
    June 6, 1970 - Performed in shows in 1970, 1974 and 1978, one performance in
    1977 and also a tv performance in 1991. Released on the CBS album "Stills" in

  4. Move Around - Manassas - Amsterdam - 1972
    March 22, 1972 - The first Manassas concert, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The
    Netherlands, and the first performance of the song. It was played only 4 or 5

  5. Thoroughfare Gap (Bluegrass Version) - Manassas - Down The Road outtake
    The song was re-recorded and released as a title cut 6 years later.

  6. Know You Got To Run - ABC's "In Concert" - 1973
    ("This is a banjo, that is a beer") An infamous quote broadcast on national TV.
    February 21, 1973 - A Manassas show at Bananafish Gardens, New York City. The
    airdate was March 30, 1973.

  7. 4 + 20 (Harmony Version) - CSN - Seattle - 1974
    July 9, 1974 - The opener for the CSNY '74 tour in Seattle. This was the first
    performance of 4+20 as CSN intended for the song to be released on Deja Vu.
    Someone at Atlantic, probably Ahmet, stepped in and decided to release it as a
    solo song.

  8. See The Changes - CSN - Lakeland - 1977
    November 19, 1977 - Lakeland, Florida. I think that See The Changes is as good,
    or even better, harmony song than Helplessly Hoping. Performed only in 1977 and

  9. One Moment At A Time - Berkeley - 1978
    September 4, 1978 - Bread and Roses concert. An unreleased Stills original
    song. AKA "When Love Becomes A Trial". The only performance of the song.

  10. In The Way - Afternoon Exchange - Cleveland - 1980
    August 18, 1980 - A performance on a local tv station in Cleveland before a
    Stills Band show that night. The only performance of the song.

  11. Everybody's Talkin' - Davis, CA - 1985 ("sing it twice") May 21, 1985
    Stills does a little tribute to Freddie Neil in the middle of the song.

  12. Haven't We Lost Enough - CSN - Rockline - 1990
    September 13, 1990 - The first and only performance of the song, "not even in
    the studio", by CSN. They recorded their parts separately for the released
    version. Stills did the song solo, one time, in a tv appearance on November 30, 1990.

  13. Helplessly Hoping - CSN - Rockline - 1990
    September 13, 1990 - A little twist on a CSN standard ("her helicopter hovers
    nearby"). Stills first used the line in stage banter at Woodstock.

  14. It Won't Go Away - London - 1992
    October 8, 1992 - A rarely performed song and this was two years before it's release.

  15. Dolphins - Jim Ladd's Living Room - 2001
    July 26, 2001 - A Fred Neil song done in tribute, Freddie died the week before.
    CSN performed the song, only once, in the tour opener that year in Clarkston,
    MI on August 13.

  16. Man Of Constant Sorrow - Switzerland County, IN - 2001
    November 15, 2001 - A folk/blues standard popularized in the movie "O Brother,
    Where Art Thou?" Dylan did the song on his debut LP in 1962.

  17. The Heart's Gate - Rapid City, SD - 2003
    April 3, 2003 - An unreleased (to this date) Stills original and it's
    beautiful, played in the Hawaiian slack key style.

  18. Acadienne - Gainesville - 2003
    October 22, 2003 - An unreleased (to this date) Stills original. Stills has
    been performing the song in a cajun flavored band arrangement for several
    years. This is the first solo performance of the song that I've heard and it works!!

  19. Daylight Again/Find The Cost Of Freedom (Complete Version) - Manassas - BBC - 1972
    November 16, 1972 - DA/FTCOF performed in it's complete arrangement, a seven
    minute suite. Stills performed this version several times, each time with
    different lyrics. Stills comments about the song from the boxset
    booklet: "Daylight Again was actually a precursor to "Find The Cost Of
    Freedom", but for years all I had was the tune and the first line..... I
    was in Williamsburg, VA, drunk and burnt out and dead tired. At the end of
    the concert I began to play the song. I didn't have any words, but I
    continued to play. I closed my eyes and went into a trance and saw a movie.
    It was a talking dream where I went back 112 years, to the Civil War. The
    lyrics just flowed through me like an automatic poem. I sang them as they
    came into my head and a whole story unfolded. When the concert was over I
    rushed backstage and madly tried to reconstruct the lyrics. It's a war
    song, not just a Civil War song. We lost that war, too: we still have racism, don't we?"