James Taylor
Timberwolf Amphitheater
Kings Island, Ohio

Panasonic cassette recorder > TDK SA cassette > Cool Edit > .wav >  mkw > .shn

.shn = 583 mb
.wav = 934 mb

Disk One  ( 642 mb )
01.   (cut)  Sweet Baby James
02.   I Wonder Why *
03.   Get Yourself A Job
04.   Up On The Roof
05.   Carolina In My Mind
06.   Rainy Day Man
07.   Pretty Boy Floyd
08.   Brother Trucker
09.   Rock Me Baby
10.   Honey Don't Leave LA
11.   Secret O' Life
12.   You've Got A Friend
13.   Millwork
14.   Country Road
15.   Fire And Rain
16.   Stand And Fight

Disk Two  ( 292 mb)
01.   How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
02.   Your Smiling Face
03.   (cut)  Money Machine
04.   Shower The People
05.   Steamroller Blues
06.   (cut)  That Lonesome Road

* = duet with himself using tape playback


I recorded this show on a mono recorder back in '82
 *but* the sound is still pretty nice!  Back then I 
would (gulp) shut off the recorder at the 
conclusion of each song so that I could conserve 
battery power... so now, when converting to 
digital, there were some funky moments that have 
had to be deleted and/or smoothed over.  In the 
end, I can tell you that this is still a very nice 
show and hope you will be pleased with the overall 
recording.  rwalker@woh.rr.com

MD5 file:
484d9386a1eac44169dda1fcbbfd8193 *jt08-07-82d01t01.shn
c80d13e4a03e4a369abddd5ac4c47b25 *jt08-07-82d01t02.shn
3debafe2c783b20e4dd5ae2e5c1e94cf *jt08-07-82d01t03.shn
32151882176e4aa2742e43ed73086d54 *jt08-07-82d01t04.shn
599100186a12bf5dd8db2af98e6e447b *jt08-07-82d01t05.shn
4f2fb29cd52a7f30d3cce1acd3a2b94c *jt08-07-82d01t06.shn
537c04912e49f86cf13fc5910690e922 *jt08-07-82d01t07.shn
8e73d346adb471f60118809d24b4d48d *jt08-07-82d01t08.shn
e66283a175f3a2e3023bc123f57b7ed7 *jt08-07-82d01t09.shn
0871b3e65b12cec9baad4683ffc1521a *jt08-07-82d01t10.shn
9dd7ae3c2f0919f8962b1b47d703f2aa *jt08-07-82d01t11.shn
2b5a62c5a9a13226946d37a32788ece5 *jt08-07-82d01t12.shn
67ed84959875d813aa6caa2d238f9a6c *jt08-07-82d01t13.shn
2a3dad384fac90dbe0d96deac84e0c73 *jt08-07-82d01t14.shn
cf3b1f6ae324a1a19f9757649081e3f6 *jt08-07-82d01t15.shn
7198950a1007c5515cee8ea65f5fedde *jt08-07-82d01t16.shn
51650ee78837c2c6f4e25eaf5adda7f7 *jt08-07-82d02t01.shn
0dd8f06c062a6a017e0e72f3cad89a99 *jt08-07-82d02t02.shn
527454b0b1800d730abcaf1c2ff940d0 *jt08-07-82d02t03.shn
cf41cb3c19345cd7dca671ce904f776a *jt08-07-82d02t04.shn
34689b14cc4c6d2dd0eacb0dd019e501 *jt08-07-82d02t05.shn
02957d2162e088477c4da846f0ba3fda *jt08-07-82d02t06.shn